Single/Double Drum Wireline Unit

Unit Specification:

-  Upper Drum: 25,000 Feet of 0.108” Wire.

-  Lower Drum: 20,000 Feet of 0.125” Wir

  • Gear Box: 4-Speed Heavy Duty Transmission.
  • Splitter Gearbox to Change Drive between Drums, reduce noise and vibrate.
  • Duplex Sprockets and Chain Drive Power Transfer.
  • Dual Handle Operated Band Brakes One for Upper Drum and One forLower Drum.
  • Hand Wheel Drive Level Wind Mechanism for Measuring Head Assembly Both Slickline


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 Zone 2 Offshore Power Pack

Unit Specification

  • Perkins Engine Type 1004-; 4 Cylinder/ 1006-6; 6 Cylinder, 6 liters, Variable Speed, IOPU type.
  • Power: 125 BHP at 2,400 rpm
  • Manual shut-off lever for over speed shutdown valve
  • Exhaust gas manicooler, designed to limit temperature of exhaust gas and cooler surface to T3 (200o C).
  • Exhaust Flame Trap
  • Fuel and Water Coolant to T5 (100oC) Safety Shutdown Valve
  • Stainless Steel Spark Arrestor
  • Engine Safety shutdown system, designed to give automatic shutdown of both intake air and fuel

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PCE (Pressure Control Equipment)

Professionally designed, and supported surface pressure control equipment. Equipment manufactured to the most stringent quality standards.


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Downhole Tools

A full range of slickline downhole tools that include rope sockets, stems, jars, fishing and pulling tools and many more. Basic tool string components are of the highest quality standards.

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