Production Logging

Production logging equipment

Production logging equipment

Production logging consists of running geophysical measurement instruments called logging tools, into an oil or gas well to measure various physical parameters. These logs are run in both production and injection wells. They can be run under dynamic (flowing) or static (shut in) conditions. Production logging provides information that enables the diagnosis of well problems.



Downhole Shut-in Tool (DHSIT)

The DHSIT tool is used to obtain sufficient Build-up and Draw-down data by eliminating well bore storage in order to get accurate skin, permeability and boundary analysis.



Multi-finger Imaging Tools (MIT)

The Multi-finger Imaging Tools provide high-resolution detail on the condition of down hole tubular. Each tool in the family uses an array of hard surfaced fingers, which measure very small changes in diameter; these measurements can be stored in a memory version of the tool.

Surface Data Recorder (Well Head Logger)

The Well-head Pressure Logger is a wellhead digital pressure and temperature monitoring gauge. The application of radio transmission allows operators to receive real-time data which is also stored in the memory chip in the logger.



Interpretation Services, Data analysis or interpretation for:

Production Logging analysis, Caliper Survey analysis, Contact Logging analysis , Static/Flowing Gradient survey (SGS/FGS), Build-up survey (PBU) or Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA),  Injectivity test (Injection fall-off test).



Down-hole Camera

A memory down-hole camera that provides up to 5 hours of full colour video for wellbore fish imaging, mechanical inspection etc.



Bottom-hole Pressure & Temperature Survey

To obtain down-hole pressure and temperature for reservoir monitoring and production forecast.



Slickline Dumping Tool (Smart Dump Bailer (SDB)

Our gravity feed bailer system provides the ability to dump cement, acid, melted plastics etc., without the use of explosives.




Contact Logging

Compensate Neutron Log

Porosity measurement and gas detection through casing.

Quad Neutron Tool

Measure reservoir parameters to find more hydro-carbon, reduce water production and plan complex completions.





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